The Conlee Consulting Group is a governmental relations and public affairs consulting firm that has successfully represented health care, local government, technical education, manufacturing, recreational and community service clients at federal, state and local levels. 


The Conlee Consulting Group defines lobbying services as representing our clients’ interests before the legislature, the executive branch and state agencies while in turn explaining the competing demands confronting state officials to those clients.  As a result we expect to participate in a dialogue with those proposing change and those impacted by proposed legislative or administrative change.  Through this dialogue it is often possible to negotiate win-win scenarios that were not anticipated in the original statement of the problem.

The key components of legislative success include establishing relationships with legislators and executive branch staff, ongoing clear identification of the issues, good data that supports one’s position, timely communication with policy makers, and authority to negotiate.


•Work with client to understand its concerns that may require legislative attention

•Evaluate the political climate as it relates to a client’s issues

•Develop a communications strategy for approaching elected and administrative officials

•Coordinate issues and positions with lobbyists who represent related issues. 

•Assist in the preparation of position statements, letters and testimony as requested

•Attend relevant legislative hearings and administrative meetings

•Communicate client’s issue as requested

•Arrange for meetings with between client and key decision makers

•Maintain a regular presence in Topeka during the legislative session

•Communicate with client on a regular and timely basis to evaluate progress and determine if changes in the strategic plan are necessary

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